Sculpture Bronze

Tree Frog by Blaine Black
  • Blaine Black

  • Tree Frog , 2001

  • Bronze

  • 10.0 " x 9.0 " x 6.5 "
  • The earliest evidence of frogs go back to 200 million years ago. Needless to say, they are important symbols in various cultures throughout history. For example, it has been a long-standing belief in Asia that seeing a tree frog in your home or business will bring prosperity and good luck. Even if you see one on TV or in a magazine, it is still considered to provide such fortunes - especially on birthdays or during weddings.

    It should go without saying being able to witness the growth of a frog from an egg to adulthood is an incredible, miraculous transformation. From the symbol of fertility they hold as you see the massive amounts of eggs in a pond, to the exciting movement they possess as newly emerging tadpoles, to the orchestra of sound they become on a cool summer night, there are so many joys to discover along the way. Just like the many forms a frog takes on within its development, we too find ourselves undergo in our physical and spiritual journey. Although change can cause discomfort, the tree frog reminds us these alterations are necessary in our evolution as a person, a family, a culture, and as a human race. To mediate on the life stages of a frog and how they can symbolize phases of our life, isn't it an incredible reminder of our potential?
  • $1,500
  • Limited Edition of 50