Sculpture Bronze

Pelican III by Blaine Black
  • Blaine Black

  • Pelican III , 2014

  • Bronze

  • 12.5 " x 6.0 " x 6.0 "
  • Pelicans know how to assess an opportunity when they see one. They find a perch where they can observe with intent and patience. When the right moment arrives they strike, catching their lunch adroitly. Sensitives tell us the diving motion of a Pelican speaks to us of going deep into our own emotions and self-understanding. There is no question the Pelican is a symbol for focus, persistence, and self-initiation with style and flair too.

    In nature and spiritual realms, Pelicans value community and teamwork. They fish in groups, creating strong cooperative bonds for the benefit of the whole. Watching the hunt is awe-inspiring. Part of the flock flap their wings near the surface of the water, moving fish in the direction of the other part of the throng. It leaves nothing for the Pelican to do other than scoop up the fish in its pouch.
  • $2,250
  • Limited Edition of 50