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Taylor Smith

“Make your paintings bigger… it forces you to come to terms with their


Within my work, I use abstraction, figuration and elements of pop art to speak to the

corruption of technology, science, people and our natural resources. To accomplish this, I

use a wide variety of materials and mediums including discarded analog technology and

commercial packaging, while also incorporating pop art imagery, organic chemistry,

mathematics, mechanics and photography into works that interest me. I also work with

8mm film and other analog film mediums to blend the practice of filmmaking and painting.

My recent work explores the relationship between abstraction, pop art, traditional

portraiture and consumerism. Ultimately my intention is to blend painting with elements of

social awareness, technology, chemistry and mechanics to create an unexpected and

transformative experience.

Smith received her B.A. from Indiana University (Bloomington), 1985 and studied at the

AdBK (Akademie der Bildenden Künste) from 1986-1989 in Berlin and Nürnberg,

Germany. She moved to Germany in 1986 to study painting and language. She found

employment and continued her studies in Berlin and Nürnberg until 1992.

Recent collaborations include large-scale projects with The Charles Krug Winery of Napa

Valley and Carnival Cruise Lines International Design Team. Smith also holds a fellowship

from the Eli Lilly Foundation and the Indianapolis Arts Council.