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Toddson is an artist best known for his colorful and highly entertaining book art – book covers torn from their pages and arranged in poured resin in order to create new, beautiful pieces of hanging wall art.  Each mixed media art piece is created using vintage books, photography, reclaimed materials, oil and acrylic paints that have been found, salvaged and pulled from local book stores and antique dealers.  After the covers have been pulled from their pages, they are arranged and suspended in multiple layers of hard resin.  Light then dances through the resin, bringing out layered textures and colors that make the book covers shine.  Toddson has been displayed in art galleries and individual homes all around the world and is frequently a point of discussion in the lives of those who own his work.  While Toddson started his book art work by arranging old book covers, like those you might find at an antique store or rare book collector, some of Toddson's most well-received pieces include those featuring children’s literature, such as those featuring the book covers of Dr. Seuss and other children’s classics.