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Jordan Daines

Jordan Daines is a painter currently working with oil on wood panel and canvas. Her thick painterly style and love of color lends itself to bold renderings within a gradient of semi to overtly representational work. She received her BFA in Painting from Caine School of the Arts. During this period she studied in Florence, Italy under Masri Haysaam enhancing her knowledge of art and its discourse. She currently lives and works in Utah.

"My paintings are an emergent operation of form and color. A relationship develops as I respond to each application of paint. There are no accidents. I'm finished when I sense that agreement has been accomplished. Inherent within my process is always a continual oscillation between reaction and anticipation."

"Color is not the medium, rather, color is the interface between the medium and the user.  Through the medium of painting, color also holds within it the ability to be projective, to propose new worlds and new possiblilties."

"My current work has undertaken the opportunity to explore these two polar possibilities simultaneously.  Moving between representation and abstraction, from scale to scaleless.  Does the added context that representation provides add interest?  Does the projection of new worlds and forms through abstraction provide needed escape or new thought?  Or, in the end is it all just color to look at?"