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Billy Hensler
I grew up with an immense interest in art, as well a love and natural curiosity toward nature. As a student, I was constantly reprimanded for drawing in the back of the classroom instead of doing my math problems.
Sometime in June of 1991, I created a company that brought the art I so often got in trouble for as a youth into patron's homes in the form of custom painted murals and painted finishes.
During this period, I have realized just how much I love to create art that invokes the spirit of, I believe where we all come from. And that is the spirit of nature and wildness. Whether looking at the textures and colors of a rock on the trail I am hiking or the way light creates lace-like patterns through a grove of trees, I seek to capture this essence in my work. There is so much inspiration around us in the word, I oftentimes feel there simply isn't enough time to observe, capture, portray or experience it all. As many styles and genres of art there are, what truly captivates me the most is wildlife. To depict a red fox's luxuriant coat against a winter snow or the grace of an massive bull elk navigating gracefully through a thicket of timbers brings much joy to my spirit.