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Mitchell Sandvig

Mitchell Sandvig resides in north county San Diego, California. He formally studied architecture at Oklahoma State University and interior design at the Harrington Institute of Chicago. Inspired by his passion for architecture and furniture design, he then pursued his interests at the Bauhaus Apprenticeship Institute in Chicago, from which he graduated 2001. There, he discovered a path that would unite his dedication to modernist design with his commitment to traditional practices of woodworking.

While Mitchell continually strives to refine practices of old world traditional joinery for contemporary sensibility, his ideal aim is to express the essence of his materials. Under his craftsmanship, the raw beauty of wood comes vividly into focus, as if the soul of the wood were being revealed for the first time.

The harmony of the functional art furniture produced by Sandvig Studio testifies to the power of minimalist design applied conscientiously, and with respect, to a physical medium.